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Istanbul Turkey Travel Tours

Travel Agent for Istanbul & Turkey:

We are "A" group travel agency located in Istanbul - Turkey and Licanced by TURSAB. is run by RSL Travel Agency, a Turkish, Australian and American managed tour operator and destination management company for Istanbul & Turkey, specializing in providing flexible private tours, Regular tours, Hotel booking,  travel packages, meetings, deomestick flight booking, bus ticket booking. We hold a group A travel agency offical license, under TURSAB-  the Turkish Tour Operator Authority.

We do have other web sites under the Same Licance

Professional & Licensed Tour Guides:
Having worked in the Turkish tourism industry for many years, our selected group of Istanbul & Turkey tour guides are professional, attentive and have in-depth knowledge of Istanbul and Turkey's history from ancient times to the modern day. They are also exploring and sharing Istanbul & Turkey's rich culture, traditions and cooking specialties and make great traveling companions for individual or small group tours. Individual tour all are officially licensed by the Ministry of Tourism.

Personalized Travel:

Making tours or day trips in istanbul or out of istanbul according to client's request. Individual, small groups, families or big groups anywhere focused in Istanbul & Turkey. In istanbul & Turkey: Private & Regular, half day or full, daily tours in Istanbul and other cities in Turkey, day trips from one city to other. What ever we offer flexible private ( client(s) make plane ) or regular ( client(s) join spacific place into the regular group's traveller) travel with a fully licensed english speaking guides or any other language proveded

Private Tours: Client(s) choose places to make travel in Istanbul & Turkey according interesting and be only person in the travel.
Regular Tours: Client(s) choose a travel package or city tours and join group and share the cost of the tour with others

Recent Testimonials:

Please read our client testimonials on Trip Advisor from recent guests about the quality of our guides and services.

Quick Price Quotations:

As a reliable tour operator, we guarantee a timely response to all emails with a personable service. Our aim is offer complete program suggestions as well as customizable tours.

Email us now for a quick quotation

Reservations & Payment:

- We accept reservations and payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard and Amecan Expres) or by bank transfer.
- Full details of our booking procedure, terms and conditions are forwarded at booking time, or upon request.
Term & Conditions

Our Location & Contact:

For any questions and comments please do not hesitate to contact our travel agency at or see our address and phone details at the contact us page.

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If you are as passionate to learn about this city as we are to talk about it - please contact us!


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