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New Year's Eve Party istanbul, New Year's Eve Dinner Cruise, New Year's Eve Night Clubs, Christmas celebrations

Christmas and New Year in Turkey, Christmas celebrations

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Christmas Istanbul

New Year's Eve

Celebrations for New Year begin from New Year's Eve on 31st December. This is the last day of the Gregorian calendar and the day before New Year's Day. The idea behind New Year's Eve celebration is to bid adieu to the year gone by and give a warm welcome to the coming year. Popular way of celebrating New Year's Eve is to party until the moment of the transition of the year at midnight.

A new year starts, an old one ends: 31 Dec the world will celebrate again the end of the year and the beginning of another.
This is also a time of celebration for many expats living in Turkey, and like other countries, also there are interesting New Year’s Eve customs and superstitions in Turkey you may want to get acquainted with. Let’s have a look. Well then, those coming from Christian backgrounds probably sensed it already: New Year’s Eve festivities in Turkey are similar to Christmas celebrations worldwide. Indeed, at year’s end most Turkish cities will be decorated all over with lights. Shops throughout the country decorate their windows with green trees, white snowballs and red stockings and many other traditional Christmas ornaments. Be sure that at this time of year, supermarkets and shopping malls will offer loads of decorative house wares, usually to be found in a special corner for “Yılbaşı Ürünleri” (the New Year’s Day product section). For many foreigners, this may be irritating on first view because they tend to associate these typical ornaments with the Christian Christmas Eve in particular. In Turkey, however, all this is done to mark the turn of the year rather than to celebrate Christmas.

New Year’s Eve itself is celebrated on Dec. 31 together with friends and family. Thus, you may go out to have fun and dance in one of the many clubs, cafes and bars outside. They often have special New Year’s Eve programs with shows and events. Find some of Them are listed below,
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New Year's Eve Parties & Programs in Istanbul, Dinner Cruises, Night Clubs,

In istanbul there are many diffrent ways to celebrate the Christmas and New Year. at the New Year's Eve there are many diffrent programs you can join and celebrate the New Year with localstogether

New Year's Eve Parties on the Bosphorus

New Year's Eve on The Bosphorus
: You can celebrate the New Year on the bosphorus. There are many company does Dinner cruise for special the New Year celebration. Here are some programs of them 


Golden Cruise Party New Year Silver Party

New Years Eve Party on the Bosphorus (Golden)

New Years Eve Party on the Bosphorus (Silver)

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New Year's Eve Parties in the Night Clubs
New Year's Eve in the Night Club Istanbul: In istanbul there are lots of Clubs making New Year celebration party. some of them are listed below. New year's eve dinner istanbul

New Year Party Istanbul Inn New Years Eve Party Gar Res
 Istanbul inn Night Club New Year's Eve Party
 Gar Music Hall  New Year's Eve Party
New Years Eve Sultanah Club Orient House New Years Eve
Sultanas Night Club New Year's Eve Party
Orient House Night Club New Year's Eve Party

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